Signs a cat may try to kill you.

With our patients being exclusively feline, and new technicians not always having such intensive experience with cats, I thought I would post everything I could find that could help us read how a cat is feeling, so we can make the visit to the clinic as atraumatic as possible.

This is a general chart, the facial expressions going from benign in the upper left to full-on Screaming Mimi in the bottom left. I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of every one of these expressions, possibly on the same cat, sometimes within the space of just a few minutes.










But cats express themselves with more than just their face and eyes, right? So, the next chart shows the importance of tail position in helping us understand what a cat is feeling.

And this chart shows the whole package, including posture and body position.

For an in-depth discussion of cat body language, please follow this link to the website  from which I’ve stolen borrowed these graphics.


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I am a veterinary technician by day, a wannabe writer the rest of the time. Living in a fantasy world is one of my greatest pleasures. Too bad it doesn't pay the bills...
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