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All Cats Celebrates Twenty Years!

On Saturday July 20th, All Cats HealthCare Clinic celebrated twenty years of taking care of the feline residents of Gainesville and the surrounding area. Some of our clients drive well out of their way, passing many other veterinary hospitals on … Continue reading

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Introduction to Veterinary Radiology

1. Introduction- Veterinary Radiology The production of a radiograph involves the use of complicated apparatus and a sequence of complex physical processes. A basic understanding of radiological physics will allow the radiographer to make the best use of the equipment … Continue reading

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Signs a cat may try to kill you.

With our patients being exclusively feline, and new technicians not always having such intensive experience with cats, I thought I would post everything I could find that could help us read how a cat is feeling, so we can make … Continue reading

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Commonly used medical terms

cardiomegaly– enlarged heart caudal– toward the tail dysuria– painful or difficult urination ectropion– turning out of the eyelid (usually the lower eyelid) so that the inner surface is exposed, resulting in dry, painful eyes and excess tearing of the eye … Continue reading

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Senior Cat Care Guidelines

The VetMed Team website is a great resource for continuing education for veterinary technicians. I am currently taking a free course there about senior cat care guidelines. Here is a link to a .pdf file that contains the Senior Cat … Continue reading

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Commonly used drugs and dosage calculations

Amlodipine– Antihypertensive- 2.5 mg tablets. Dosed at 0.625 mg Ampicillin injectable– (125 mg/ml)- Antibiotic. Reconstitute with 7.5 ml of sterile water. Dosed at 10 mg/lb. Administered IV, TID. Expires in 24 hours. Given to dentals, 1 dose at induction, second dose … Continue reading

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Labwork in Review (or: What do all these values mean?!)

We draw blood and collect urine so we can run these tests and determine the health status of our feline patients, but what do all those initials and values mean? Our lovely head technician Vanessa has compiled this overview to … Continue reading

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